My Military Service
United States Army
January 1960 - June 1968
720th MP Bn, B Company and 615th MP Co
Vietnam - 1967 – 1968

I enlisted in the US Army January, 1960.  After basic training at Ft.
Jackson, SC, I was sent to MP training at Ft. Gordon, GA. After
graduation, one of the top10 in class, I was attached to a small
unknown unit in Washington, DC.

While on Leave, I married my childhood sweetheart, Florence.

In August I was involved in an auto accident, which sent me to the
Walson Army Hospital, Ft. Dix, NJ for treatment of severe burns.  
Convincing the Medical Corps not to retire me due to that injury, I
was sent to the MP Company at Ft. Monmouth, NJ.

In March 1963 received orders to Camp Darby, Livorno, Italy where I
served as a gate guard and patrol duty until picked to join the
Accident Investigation and Prevention Section of the PMO.  During
this duty in 1964, I was made acting SGT and took over as NCOIC of
that office and subsequently promoted to Sgt E-5.  I also served as
Desk Sgt while there.  

In July 1966 I had to give up the Italian Riviera and return to the 54th
MP Co, Fort Ord, CA.  The 54th at that time was assigned to the
Stockade at Ft. Ord.  Within several months I was sent TDY to the
298th MP Co for duties as a Desk Sgt. Thanks to an old friend that
was now a Sgt Major who helped with my training as a Desk Sgt.  

I received orders in June 67 to the 89th MP Brigade in Vung Toa,
which I accepted gladly.  At the 90th Replacement, those orders were
rescinded and I was sent to B Company, 720th MP Bn.  

My first assignments were on
convoys, I don’t recall to where and
after about a month or so I was assigned to the Long Binh Post MP
Station.  At this time the 615th was assigned to the town of Bien Hoa
and somehow I was again sent TDY to the 615th to learn the sector
and to take duty as Desk Sgt

Eventually I transferred to the 615th where I served until May 1968
when I took my Honorable Discharge for family reasons.

Since I left the Army, I had thought many times of returning but it
never happened.  Over the years I have remembered many of the
great people with whom I served, some that are no longer with us,
and I want to say how proud I am.

My wife and I had 3 children before I went to Vietnam and one more
when I returned.  I now have 5 grandsons.  Sadly, Florence passed
suddenly in January 1998.  

I have since remarried and live with my wife Marie in Bensalem, PA
( just north east of Philadelphia).
Providing Security
Camp Darby, Livorno, Italy
Tomb of an Unknown
Florence, Italy 1964
My Italian Partner
Livorno, Italy
Sgt.  Bradley
2 Vietnam MPs
On duty as Military Police
Desk Sergeant, Bien Hoa, Vietnam
Sgt. Don Pruitt and me surveying
damage after the attacks by Viet
Cong during the TET offensive,
February 1968
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