2009 Feedback Received
"Thanks for an enjoyable day on the lake.  My son and I never caught
so many fish.  We always came home empty handed.

After leaving the lake we stopped at Walmart and bought all the lures
that you suggested and wrote down some of the tricks that you showed
us.  Weather permitting we are going out on Saturday and try it on our
own.  Bill's wife wants to come with us so we can show her too."  GC
"I just wanted to say that I used Al's Fishing Service and it
was a great experience"     PBB
"I have been fishing with Al for
more than 25 years and have
caught the biggest and most
freshwater fish in my life.  He is
the reason I fish lakes and rivers
at all."  MIKE
learned from watching and fishing
along side of him, thus sharpening
my skills and landing more fish.  
Maybe someday more than Al.

"I just wanted to say that Al is a nice
guy and is very knowledgeable when
it comes to fishing.  If you want to
catch fish, Al is your man."

" I took my 8 year old fishing
with Al and he spent as much
time with my little boy as was
fish.....  It was a very pleasant
afternoon."  BS
Al's Fishing Service
Fishing Guide
Al Bradley Owner
Bensalem PA 19020
especially Chris who was telling everybody that he kicked our butts.  We had a great time
Yes - please feel free to use our photos.  The boys would like to see a photo on your site, and
Yes - please feel free to use our photos.  The boys would like to see a photo on your site, and
that's all the boys have talked about for the past two days.  I was extremely satisfied with the
results, sure catching more big fish would have been nice but we caught a lot more than a
also had a great time just talking with you.  You made the trip that much more enjoyable.

We all had a terrific time and you really impressed us with your calmness even when we got
snags and such.  You did a great job moving us around the lakes and letting us get a lot of
fishing in.  Rest assured that we will be back and I have already told a few friends of our
great experience.

Thanks again for a great time.  We look forward to seeing you again.

"I want to thank for the second trip with you last week.  Max really liked you and fishing
with you, (as do I).  I would like to try to fish with again. Would you be available on a
Wednesday or Thursday in the next few weeks?  I would like to go as early in the am as you
think best for a full 8 hours. ....   Jay
You are a great fishing Buddy, your desire to share your knowledge and experience
is something special.  I truly enjoy fishing with you.....     JR