1000 Island Region - St. Lawrence River - New York
This area has been a favorite vacation spot for over a century.  The beauty is unsurpassed.  Crystal
clear water and more than 1800 islands make for a great place for relaxing.  But it is the fishing that
gets me excited.   

I have been going here since 1991.  The clear, cool waters of this area are ideal for small mouth and
large mouth bass and northern pike; big yellow perch are also plentiful.

Usually I will stay in a 2 bedroom cottage at
Hi--da-way Summer Cottages in Alexandria Bay; however,
there are several New York State Campgrounds nearby.  Camping is a less expensive alternative while

I am not a licensed guide in New York, but I am very familiar with the waters and fishing in the area.  
With this in mind I am offering a great 3 or 4 day or a week fishing trip to my favorite spot on earth.

Alexandria Bay is 354 miles from the Bensalem PA Turnpike Access.  Typically we leave at 6:00 am and
arrive in the area around 1:00 pm. We stop for our NY fishing license, shop at the market for supplies,
then check in at our quarters.  Around 3:30 pm the boat gets launched and the catching starts.  

A typical day starts with coffee and a light breakfast, then fishing, a break for a real breakfast, then
fishing, eat lunch on the boat while fishing and break for supper, then fishing.  The time on the water
depends on conditions and how everyone feels.

It is not unusual in May and June to catch 50 to 100 bass, etc.  The Smallies are usually bedding at this
time of the year and we can do some sight fishing.  What a thrill to see a bass 25 feet below the boat
and entice them to strike.
See some of 2013 catches on a slideshow at:

Looking for a great fishing trip, Check this out!!

Lodging:  Cottage $145.00 daily of $700.00 per week
(Camping is $40.00)
Fuel:  Average round trip $240.00
Toll:  $45.00 round trip
New York Fishing Licence: $35.00
Guide fees:  $150.00 day or $650.00 week

Bring or shopping for food and household supplies